Cheap flights via booking websites

It is very much easy to take advantage of cheap flights offered by various airlines, these days. These are easily accessible through various booking sites.

Is a holiday in your plans, do you take a trip for trade or do you wish to visit relatives who live in a different state or even a different nation? Perhaps you just wish to explore the world and visit the countries of your thoughts or distinguish the places of your childhood fantasies! If so then you would be foolish not to find Cheap Flights and save lots of money. But, you also have to be familiar with the secrets to cheaper flights, so as to keep away from lots of travel scams that are plentiful, these days.

Let’s face it, travel expenses and usually it’s the airfares that bring tears to our eyes with apparently are very highly priced, therefore the best way to save your well-deserved cash is to get hold of cheap flights, when possible.

Therefore, here are some essential guidelines to help you stay away from the cash pitfalls and secure yourself a few cheap airline tickets.

Reserve your flights as early as you can, the earlier the better.  Booking your airfares near to your tour date can considerably add to the price of your tickets and considerably impact your tour budget.  Once you have made an exact choice that you are going to take a trip – book those airfares! This is one of the foremost secrets to cheaper flights.

Shop around, compare flight prices and book online with the airlines straightforwardly, or a linked site that offers assessments then directs you to the chosen airline site, that way you are not obliged to pay any  travel agent commissions and charges.

Where possible stay away from “peak” time of the year and “peak” hours.  Peak season is throughout school holidays, public holidays, seasonal holidays for example Christmas, Easter etc.  Peak times are usually business type hours.  If you wish to take a trip for Christmas, consider leaving a day or two earlier or later. And unquestionably try to travel the so called “unsociable hours” like the red eye or midnight horror (conditional on which part of the world you reside) which depart everywhere from 11pm to 1am.  Other cheaper times are your very early morning, late afternoon and late evenings.

One can easily buy cheap tickets from Australian sites to various parts of the world e.g. cheap flights to turkey from Melbourne, flights to Manchester from Adelaide, flights to Phuket from Perth etc.

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10 most dangerous airports in the world

Check out the list of 10 most dangerous airports in the world:

10. San Diego: busy airspace with lots of buildings on approach
9. Madeira: difficult approach and a short runway
8. Eagle Vail: high altitude, short runway, mountains
7. Courchevel (France): short and bumpy runway, high altitude
6. Kai Tak (Hong-Kong): difficult approach, fly through tall buildings, short runway
5. Gibraltar (Spain): short runway, buildings on approach, winds from the Gibraltar rock
4. St Maarten (Caribbean Sea): short runway, flying over the beach with a lot of people on there, steep takeoff because of mountains
3. St Barth´s (Caribbean Sea): short runway, has to dive
2. Tegucigalpa (Honduras): difficult approach, short runway
1. Lukla (Nepal): short runway, only was cemented a few years ago, no go around, if land too low you land into a cliff

About Speedbird

The airline British Airways uses Speedbird during air traffic control procedures as its call sign. Speedbird is also the name for the emblem of the airline’s predecessors, Imperial Airways and British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC).


The Speedbird was first used in 1932 by Imperial Airways, one of BOAC’s predecessor companies. A simple design, minimally representing a bird in flight, it appeared on the nose section of the company’s aircraft.  The logo was retained in 1939 with the creation of BOAC and still appeared on aircraft throughout the Second World War, despite the military-style camouflage that replaced the livery.

The actual design was by Theyre Lee-Elliott, a graphic artist working in London in the 1930s. He also did posters for the London Underground at the time, which similarly incorporate then-stylish minimalist art forms.

Other uses

The Speedbird moniker was also used by Piedmont Airlines based on the airline’s logo which included a similar bird logo.

“Speedbird” is also the name of one of the British Airways Sailing Club yachts.

Current usage

Speedbird continues to be used by British Airways as a call sign, although British Airways domestic services use the call sign Shuttle. BA subsidiary company BA CityFlyer uses Flyer as its call sign. Before the sale to Flybe subsidiary BA Connect used the call sign”British.” BA franchise operators continue to use their own call signs, despite operating BA flights. BA Christmas charter flights use Santa instead of Speedbird.

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